Frequently Asked Questions about Oak Tree in Oakland Park

When will the sales center open?

The sales center will open in late August, early September, 2020.

Which models homes can I see at Oak Tree?

The model homes that will be available at Oak Tree are :

  • Adirondack
  • Leland
  • Stardom
  • Mystique
  • Sienna
  • Alexander
  • Palmary
  • Stellar

What amenities will Oak Tree have?

Amenities at Oak Tree include :

  • Clubhouse
  • Community Room
  • Modern Fitness Center
  • Pool with swimming lanes
  • Splash pad pool entry
  • Resort style pool deck
  • Pool cabanas
  • Barefoot bar
  • Playfield
  • BBQ grilling area
  • Fire pit
  • Pickle Ball courts
  • Dog Park
  • Beach sand hammock oasis
  • Screened in seating areas

Will the community be gated?

Yes, the community will be gated.

How much does it cost to reserve a home site?

A $5000 dollar will reserve the home site of your choosing.

Is there a minimum down payment?

That will depend on the mortgage you qualify for. You can contact Pulte’s preferred lender at  or 561-206-1495 to find out which mortgage programs you qualify for.

What does the (base) price of my house include?

The base price is just the house. There are 3 components to your purchase of a house at Oak Tree.

  • The house itself (base price)
  • The home site premium
  • design and structural options

Once those three components are added you will have the final purchase price for your house. Otherwise the base price is just the cost of the house.

How long will it take for my house to be built?

It depends on several factors including permitting with the City. It is best to ask at your consultation the estimated time Pulte thinks it will take for the build out of your house at Oak Tree.

Can I change my home site before signing the purchase contract?


Can I transfer my contract to someone else?


How much is the HOA?

It depends on the property purchased. The fees are as follows :

  • 20′ Townhomes (Seacrest) – $218.99
  • 24′ Townhomes (Adirondack & Leland) – $226.30
  • Manor and Classic Series Homes – $249.00
  • Estate Homes – $284.57

Pulte will credit homeowners $21.60 per month until the clubhouse is completed.

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