Ready, Set, Sell!

So you have decided it is time to sell your house – that’s great!

For most Americans their house is their most important asset so it is important that from Day 1 you make the right decisions to maximize your proceeds from the sale.

First you need to choose the right Realtor® to help you and secondly you need to decide on an optimal sale price.

12 Reasons You Should Choose Me To Help You Sell Your House

  1. When you are my client you are my priority and I will faithfully represent you and your interests.
  2. I am an astute negotiator.
  3. I have a very strong technology background and will market your property on all mediums possible.
  4. I am a Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA), which means I have special training that allows me to help you assess the best sale price for your house.
  5. I love helping people and sincerely care about my clients.
  6. I have continually earned 5 star reviews from my clients over the years.
  7. I was a teacher for 10 years which helped me learn exceptional organizational skills.
  8. I am detail oriented, highly communicative and very professional.
  9. I am exceedingly patient and will take the time to explain everything to you, answer your questions and address your concerns.
  10. Any time you need to talk to me, all you have to do is call, text, or email me. I will always answer timely.
  11. I am fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian meaning I can negotiate a deal in 5 different languages!
  12. I am held in high regard by my colleagues.

The Right Real Estate Professional for You

Am I the right real estate agent to help you? Well there is only one way to find out!

Contact me at 954-993-4246 or by email at and let’s start a dialogue so I can learn about how I can help you with the sale of your house.

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